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1. General Licensing

Our themes are licensed under a split license: while the PHP component and integrated HTML are covered by the GPL, the rest of the components,

such as the CSS, scripts, images, graphics, design, photos, etc yet not limited to these, are covered by the Envato Market license.


2. Envato License Types and Terms

There are two types of licenses you can purchase for each of our themes on Themeforest marketplace. A comparison for these license types, as well as full license texts can be found in the following article on Themeforest website – https://themeforest.net/licenses/standard

2.1. Regular License
With a Regular license you can use the theme you have purchased to create a website for yourself or your client (as well as charge the client for this), as long as the end users (i.e. website visitors) are not charged for access to its content. You may create one end product/project with one license, and will need a new license for every additional end product/project. You are also not allowed to sell the end product as a stock market item. For full text please reference the article mentioned above.
2.2. Extended License

With an Extended license you can use the purchased theme to do everything allowed by the Regular license, and you can also charge the end users (i.e. website visitors) for accessing this website or its sections. Please note that you still need a new license for every project/product and you still cannot sell the end product as a stock item.  For full text and license comparison please reference the article mentioned above.

2.3. Envato Elements Subscription

Some of our themes are available for download via Envato’s Elements subscription. If you have downloaded the theme from the Elements marketplace, all articles of this text apply, except for: Assistance and Technical Support section – you cannot receive personal assistance for ements’ items. If you want to be eligible for personal support, you will need to purchase the item from Themeforest marketplace.



3. White Label Usage

Using the theme as ‘white label’ (i.e. removing the references to the product’s original creators) is not usually allowed or expected under Envato licenses. Yet, if your project requires this, you can contact us here so that we could provide you with a personal permission on exclusive terms. Please note that changing theme and plugins name, as well as other parts of initial code will affect the way updates can be received and installed.   

4. Images & Graphic Assets


Some of the themes come with the images included in demo content, some themes come with placeholders instead. This is because premium-licensed images cannot be redistributed and this is prohibited by their authors and marketplace policy.


If your theme came with placeholders, but you wish to use some of the images that were used on our demo site, you can purchase them from their owners. Please contact our support team at https://cmsmasters.studio/help-center/ and we will provide you with the links to where the images can be purchased.


If your theme’s demo content comes with the images, this means they were obtained from open resources and you may use them for your website. If some of the images are blurred/watermarked, this means they need to be purchased separately.


If you have a question about images before or after purchasing the theme, please feel free to contact us.



5. Theme & Plugin Updates

Your theme comes with several bundled plugins and supports a wide range of popular plugins. You can find more info about this on the theme’s item page.

5.1. Theme Updates

All our themes are updated in turn on a regular basis, the frequency may vary and depends on the necessity of a new update release. We make sure themes are fully functional and support the latest stable versions of plugins from the Supported Plugins list (different for each theme). You will receive updates for your purchased themes for free for as long as this theme is available on Themeforest. The newest theme version is always available in the Downloads tab of your Envato account. Besides this, you can update the theme automatically using the Envato Market plugin. 


Should you need assistance with a theme update or have a question to ask, please contact our support team here

5.2. Cmsmasters’ addons

Cmsmasters’ custom addons are updated according to the same rules as the themes, and whenever a new addon version is available, you will be able to download an updated theme (which contains the new addons).

5.3. Bundled Third-Party  Plugins

All bundled plugins are updated as a part of the theme package. Whenever a new stable version of this addon is available, we will ensure its smooth compatibility with the theme first, apply the changes to the theme (if needed), and include a new plugin version in the theme package. In order to ensure new plugin version compatibility, please allow some time before it is available with the theme.


Please note, that according to the license terms and Envato rules, theme authors are not allowed to provide purchase codes for bundled third-party plugins, because these plugins are used by authors under a developers’ license. The rules explicitly state that updates for such plugins can be received only inside a theme update.


6. Assistance and Technical Support


With every theme purchase you receive 6 months of free support services from cmsmasters. You can extend the supported period when purchasing the theme, or any time later for an according price, which is set by Themeforest marketplace. 


The support services include: help with your questions, assistance with native theme functionality, general guidance on using and updating the theme, assistance with bundled plugins and advice on some other issues.


The support services do not include: on-demand installation and theme updates, filling with content, design and customization, server setup and maintenance, resolving issues caused by non-bundled third-party plugins, resolving issues that are caused by inappropriate server configuration and other questions that are not related to theme’s essential functionality.


Please note that the support services are provided according to the schedule and during approximate response time, listed on the ticket submission page. 


In order for the support agents to be able to investigate your issue fully and assist, in most cases we need access to your WordPress admin panel, and sometimes FTP access as well. Please provide these details when submitting a ticket or upon agent’s request. Your private and other sensitive information is protected, please read more about this in our Privacy Policy [link].


You can submit your ticket via this link – https://cmsmasters.studio/help-center/

Please note, that if you have obtained your theme via Envato Elements marketplace, you are not eligible for personal assistance. If you feel like you need personal technical support, you need to purchase this theme on Themeforest marketplace.


7. Our copyright

  All materials, included but not limited to: texts, images, graphic assets, design as a whole and in parts, code, media etc., displayed on the Site, its subdomains and affiliated websites belong to cmsmasters studio and cannot be copied, distributed, displayed, disseminated, or otherwise reproduced without receiving our prior written permission.

8. Your copyright


Cmsmasters must be assured that it has the right to use the content that is posted to its Site by its Users. Such content may include, but is not limited to, photographs, videos, text, audio, and other materials. Whenever submitting content to our Site, you agree that you are granting us a non-exclusive, universal, perpetual, irrevocable, sublicensable, commercial and non-commercial right to use, distribute, sell, publish, and otherwise make use of the content that you submit to us. You warrant to us that you have the right to grant us this right over the content, and that you will indemnify us for any loss resulting from a breach of this warranty and defend us against claims regarding the same.


9. Trademarks

“Cmsmasters” is a trademark used by us to uniquely identify our Site, Service, and business. You agree not to use this phrase anywhere without our prior written consent. Additionally, you agree not to use our trade dress, or copy the look and feel of our website or its design, without our prior written consent. You agree that this paragraph goes beyond the governing law on intellectual property law, and includes prohibitions on any competition that violates the provisions of this paragraph, including starting your own competing business.


10. Disclaimer

Cmsmasters offer templates but make no representations, warranties, or endorsements about the content displayed using such templates. You acknowledge that, unless otherwise stated, cmsmasters do not endorse the content of any website which uses its templates and you agree to release us from any liability arising from or relating to the acts or omissions of any of our Users whether in relation to their use of our templates or otherwise.


Please note that cmsmasters demo websites are not real websites, and no services listed on it are actually provided, neither any other activities are performed. These websites were created for the means of presentation only and are intended to showcase possible appearance and functionality of your future website. Please treat this as a sample demonstration and do not expect any services to be provided, other than those that are related to this theme setup.


We don’t have any control over third-party websites. You’re fully responsible for the content available on your website, and any harm resulting from that content. It’s your responsibility to ensure that your website’s content abides by applicable laws.


We aren’t responsible for any harm resulting from anyone’s access, use, purchase, or downloading of content, or for any harm resulting from third-party websites. You’re responsible for taking the necessary precautions to protect yourself and your computer systems from viruses, worms, Trojan horses, and other harmful or destructive content.