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Cmsmasters provide refunds in cases that are listed and limited to the ones in Envato Refund Policy

These cases can be divided by two general types:

1.You have purchased and did not download the product (or purchased and did not use support extension, that is still active).

If you have not downloaded the product, or did not use your additional support extension and request a refund before it expires, we will refund you as soon as we verify this.

2.Theme malfunctioning and critical problems that make using this theme impossible or problematic.

If you believe the theme is not working as it should or does not meet your expectations in some other way, please make sure to do the following:

Before applying for a refund, please contact our support about the issues that lead you to this decision.

Our support can be reached at

In most of the cases we are able to help with the issues you faced and assist you with using the theme. We respond to most requests within 24 hours on business days, rarely it can take up to 48 hours. Please note that we will not provide a refund for cases of malfunctioning unless you have contacted our support about this and when we can offer a reasonable solution for the issue.

Based on Envato Refund Policy, we will not provide a refund when:

  1. You don’t want it any more or changed your mind after you’ve downloaded it – please make sure you always make a thoughtful purchase.                     
  2. The item did not meet your expectations – if the item works as described but this is not quite what you have expected, we cannot provide a refund. You can avoid this by asking presale questions, we are always happy to provide additional info on our products.                                                                                        
  3. You bought an item by mistake (and downloaded it) – we cannot take responsibility for such cases and return your money, just like you cannot return the product.                            
  4. You do not have sufficient expertise to use the item – our themes are successfully used by thousands of customers, many of them are complete beginners. We will gladly assist you to help you get around though. Learning something new is always fun 
  5. The theme does not install properly on your hosting – thousands of customers successfully use our themes on different hosting plans and server types. Very (very, very) rarely it happens that a server is simply not capable of running the theme due to its configuration. In 99.9% of such cases customers end up successfully running the theme on another server. Just please contact our support so that we could see what the issue is.
  6. We can provide a reasonable solution for the issues you faced with the theme – as listed above, you should contact our support about the issues you have faced, before applying for a refund. In most cases we can provide a solution. This is a basic recommendation from Envato too – see article.
  7. You expected to receive clipart images together with the theme – images you can see on demo sites should be purchased separately, as we cannot redistribute them under our license. This is a usual practice on Themeforest.
  8. You ask for goodwill.
  9. You can no longer access the item because it has been removed  – Envato advises you to download items as soon as you have purchased them to avoid this situation.

Note! For Masterpiece WordPress Themes 14-day easy refund can be offered