Say Hello: the New Generation of cmsmasters’ WordPress Themes is Here!

Please welcome our CMSMasters’ custom Elementor addon and all new awesome way to customize your website

On February, the 26th our team was very excited to welcome the release of our new theme – YourWay Blogging WordPress Theme, and this excitement had more than just one reason. In fact, that day two anticipated events happened simultaneously: one was the YourWay theme itself – a very extraordinary, even one-of-kind blogging WordPress theme with deep social media functionality integration and dedicated solutions for social media blogging. Yet not less, but perhaps even more anticipated was another newcomer – our brand new Website Builder – the CMSMasters’ custom Elementor addon.

This builder is the 5th generation in the over 10-years evolution of cmsmasters’ website builders, and – just like the other 4 generations of our website builders – it was built according to the “from scratch” principle. What does that even mean?

Take the Best, Forget the Rest

If people were machines (or software!), we would have been able to use our past experience for our future benefit, while clearing the burden of irrelevant, outdated and broken pieces of this experience. Can you imagine passing on only the “good” genes to your child, and leaving behind all the unwanted hereditary predispositions, either health or personality related?

Well, we cannot do this to ourselves, but we can implement this principle when building tools and programmes. Each generation of CMSMasters’ WordPress website building framework is not a “derivative” from the previous ones, but a standalone and independent creation, built from scratch, with new ideas in mind, but by the same people that have built and supported the previous generations of framework. 

What “take the best” principle is about? Imagine the experience of more than a decade of building, improving and supporting custom WordPress website management tools, with 90 000+ customers using our products on their websites all over the world! Each customer has his or her own unique user experience, which we value a lot and carefully follow through our support system – to offer a helping hand when needed and collect precious information about how we can make our products better. All this knowledge is carried and improved through years by our core developers team – with Eugene Shay in the lead. When you purchase our theme, you purchase a value of more than 10 years of experience, professional growth and evolution. 

We “forget the rest”  by starting on a blank page – this way we are ensuring we are creating a brand new product, leaving behind old practices, outdated code and limitations of the previous framework generations. With a new generation we rethink our approach, taking time to analyze and compare, evaluate the trends and – which is even more important – demands of the novel reality. We select a strategy carefully, making sure we are going to put our effort towards a really worthy vector that will bring exceptional value to our customers and set a new merit of quality. 

The importance of such a thoughtful approach cannot be overestimated: we are responsible for creating an impact in the whole niche of WordPress development, and thousands of people trust our software to build their websites. Our team of 15 professionals has dedicated 20 months of work creating our 5th generation CMSMasters’ website builder, and we can say for sure – this project has CMSMasters’ DNA.

Elementor in Core and More

Using Elementor as a core for our builder was not an accidental solution, and not even a tribute to modern trends. Yes, as of today, Elementor has 5+ million active installs and is the most demanded compatibility feature in WordPress themes. Along with this, Elementor open source core provides outstanding possibilities for development of extended functionality, being a consistent, stable and yet functional basis. We have chosen Elementor as a core for our new generation of CMSMasters’ WordPress website builder and our new themes because it provides the perfect canvas for our ideas and solutions, and on this splendid canvas we have created a unique tool like no other WordPress theme can boast.

The 5th generation CMSMasters’ WordPress Elementor Addon offers limitless possibilities for website appearance – the design, layout, color options are as flexible as they have never been before. Along with this, all this unbelievable flexibility does not bring chaos – your WordPress admin panel becomes a whole, well-organized system, providing you with control over every element separately, as well as groups of elements, whole website or its selected parts. When you install a theme with our new CMSMasters’ WordPress Elementor Addon, you can choose your own path of maintaining it – either use one of the many ready solutions and have a ready website as fast as today, customise to any depth you like or even create your unique style. And the system will always adapt to you – providing excellent ready solutions for fast setup, and more and more customization options the deeper you decide to dive in. 70+ custom premium widgets, unique global settings manager, templating system, unlimited header and footer options – the list of features is long already, and will be longer with every scheduled update. 

The evolving ecosystem of CMSMasters’ website building tools is continuously expanding, and we are inviting you to follow our blog for the most recent updates as well as for an exciting journey through special features in our newest generation of CMSMasters’ WordPress website builder.    

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