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As stated in the envato Item Support Policy item support does not include services to modify or extend the item beyond the original features, style and functionality described on the item page.

However we offer paid customization services privately and here is the Customization Service Policy we follow.

All customization requests are submitted through the Help Center or directly through the Zendesk ticketing system.

The cost of customization is evaluated based on the requirements, terms and complexity. 

Approximate Customization Cost Estimation

Minimal customization order starts from $30, which is the price of one working hour and increases by $15 for half an hour, e.g.:

1h = $30

1,5h = $45

2h = $60

and so on.

Stages of Customization
  1. After the required changes are described in detail in the support request, the developer estimates the possibility of customization and evaluates the time needed to implement it.
  2. The customer confirms his consent with the terms and the price and receives the invoice for the customization ordered.
  3. After the payment is received the developer takes up the customization. The turnaround time for customization work is up to two business days but the period can be extended when ordering a large amount of services, in this case the timing is discussed further.
  4. The customer checks the work done and confirms that the result meets his expectations.
Please note:
  • To receive the customization service the customer needs to provide the WordPress and FTP credentials.
  • The service is valid for only one website.
  • Additional coding and modifications will be considered as a separate service, we can do them for an additional fee. 
  • If the customer decides to add some extra features or changes the inquiry after the customization is started or completed, he should be ready for the fact that this will be treated as a new order and a new invoice will be issued as per new requirements.

If the customization work performed does not meet the customer’s expectations, the customer may request a refund in a 14-day period after his payment was made by submitting a request at 

Please note that the refund amount will be calculated after the fees deducted (transfer fees are not refunded).